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Collection: Barrages

Fireworks Barrages are a group of  Roman Candles joined together to create a dazzling effect, shooting up to 91 shots and lasting up to 50 seconds.

Barrages shoot coloured stars in the air in quick succession.  Other commonly found effects within a barrage include popping stars, loud whistles, glittering streamers, crackling comets, and flying fish. Barrages provide duration to a fireworks display, shooting anywhere from 24 colourful shots to 105 dazzling shots. 

Spread these throughout the show for great effects.  Some people will shoot two or three at the same time, and in many cases will ignite some Sound Shells while a barrage is firing.

Bury the barrage at least half way in the ground before igniting, to ensure that the firework will not tip over and shoot to the crowd.

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